About the Author - Summer Strevens

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Alongside pursuing the chequered career paths of fire-fighter, florist and fork lift truck driver (she is currently PA to the executive director of a prestigious Yorkshire family brewery of over 170 years standing) Summer Strevens has found time to indulge her real passion of historical research and investigation into the paranormal.

A keen eye for detail, a dedicated ear and the thirst for an original tale has driven her to write her first book 'Haunted Yorkshire Dales ' in the hopes of sharing her discoveries and providing enjoyment for likeminded individuals with a mind open to possibilities beyond the ordinary.

Summer Strevens

Born in South London, in the glorious June of 1970, Summer has only ever put down the shallowest of roots now occupying her 12th address having lived in Kent, Oxfordshire and now resident in the Yorkshire Dales (even her dog has moved 4 times!)

Also a prolific abstract artist, she mostly enjoys working in the medium of unusual collage and 3 dimensional canvases. She hopes one day to earn enough acclaim for her bizarre works to warrant an exhibition of her own pieces which are unusual to say the least...

Another pastime is the continual editing of her top ten list of 'fantasy jobs' with station announcer at Charing Cross currently occupying the top slot closely followed by presenting the weather forecast after the national TV news and blacksmith, but the list is fluid and always subject to modification. She also shares, along with may others, a healthy obsession with Radio 4's long wave shipping forecast.

Summer currently lives in a small town in the Yorkshire Dales - where else!

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